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 Department of Environment, Tonga

Various reports relating to water source, groundwater, boreholes etc in Tongatapu.

 Department of Environment, Tonga

This report provides design details and costs for the proposed long-term improvements to the water supply
system at Hihifo on the island of Tongatapu, Kingdom of Tonga. This report was part of the demonstration project under the Pacific Adaptation to Climate Change (PACC) programme

 Department of Environment, Tonga

This is part of the "Preparation of Diagnostic Study to Inform an Integrated Coastal Management Plan for Tongatapu, Tonga" - this document represents Deliverable 3 : Coastal Characteristics and Issues Report

 Department of Environment, Tonga

The objectives of this study were as follows:
1. Resurvey and delineation of the sand resource of eight beaches on Tongatapu
2. Evaluation of the extent of recent coastal changes on Tongatapu including changes effected by cyclones and other natural events, beach sand extraction, and interaction between the two.
3. Investigation of the rate of sand production and implications for the sustainability of beach mining.