Trace Metals in Fanga'uta Lagoon, Kingdom of Tonga 2003

Fangauta Lagoon is the most important water
body on Tongatapu, the main island of the Tonga
group. The Lagoon occupies a central position on
Tongatapu (Fig. 1), and has played a major part in the
life of the surrounding communities, with about 30,000
people residing within its catchment. The Lagoon is a
food source for both fin (mainly mullet) and shellfish,
and is widely used for recreation. Previous studies have
investigated the ecology of the Lagoon (Zann et al.,
1984), water quality (Naidu et al., 1991; Aalbersberg
et al., 1992) and contamination by organochlorine
compounds (Harrison et al., 1996).

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